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Application Process of Immigration

Learn about immigrating to Pakistan, eligibility, and guidelines.

Application Process of Immigration

Following are the steps of processing application.

  1. Availability of Application Forms.
  2. Submission of Application.
  3. Further Official Process.
  4. Issuance of Citizenship Certificate.

(1) Availability of Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained from Directorate General of immigration and Passports (Dte. Gen. I&P), Islamabad and it’s Zonal offices i.e Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and Quetta . You can also download these forms, from downloads section.

(2) Submission of Application

You can submit Applications pertaining to foreign ladies married to Pakistan nationals at Directorate General of Immigration and Passports its Regional Passport Offices at Provincial Headquarters, and Home Departments of concerned Provincial Government.

(3) Further Official Process

After submission of the application it shall be examined and applicant shall be informed if some documents are missing or if there is any other discrepancy in the application.

Applicants are advised to ensure that applications are complete in all respects and all required documents are attached. After approval of formal submission of the application, a receipt/certificate shall be issued to applicant. Application shall be referred to concerned departments for verification. Application to other concerned departments shall be sent only after completion of required aggregate stay in Pakistan, where applicable.

(4) Issuance of Citizenship Certificate

After the official process and approval of the competent authority the Citizenship certificate will be issued through concerned RPOs or Directorate General of Immigration & Passports, Islamabad.

NOTE: Applicants are advised to get their foreign passports renewed from concerned authorities and get their visas/extensions renewed until receipt of Pakistan Citizenship Certificate.

Registration Requirement for Overseas Pakistanis

  1. Registration of Child's Birth.
  2. Annual Registration.

(1) Registration of Birth of a Child of Citizen of Pakistan Born in Country Outside Pakistan:

The birth of such children may be reported by the parents or guardians on Form S to the concerning Pakistan’s Mission abroad within a period of six months.

(2) Annual Registration by a Citizen of Pakistan Resident Abroad:

Citizen of Pakistan are required to get themselves registered in the quarter of every year with Pakistan Mission abroad annually.

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